Here are a few Linux scripts that I have created, which help me with daily tasks. I've been using these on Ubuntu for several months now, and they're a great time saver.

  • PDF to JPG - Nautilus script to convert a PDF file to JPEG format using pdftoppm
  • Nautilus Video Trimmer - Video Trimmer Script for Nautilus on Ubuntu. This script uses ffmpeg to trim video files. It is designed to be used within the Nautilus file manager on Ubuntu or other distros. It employs the zenity utility to display graphical dialogs for user input.
  • Nautilus Image Converter ( - is a Bash script that integrates with the Nautilus file manager in Linux, providing a convenient right-click option to convert image files to different formats. Utilizing zenity for a graphical interface and convert from ImageMagick, it allows users to easily convert images to JPEG, PNG, or WEBP formats.